May 2018 Ramadan at Priestnall School

Students and Staff at Priestnall School are in the middle of the month of Ramadan. A very special month for Muslims all around the world who fast to increase their self- discipline, detox their body, become more charitable and generous; and refrain from food and drink from sunrise to sunset. This is a personal commitment and those of us who have medical conditions or are too young are not recommended to fast.

An assembly on Ramadan has been delivered to Colleges and Learning Co-ordinator groups have gone through a PowerPoint with key facts and questions and answers during their SEAL activity. Mrs Farhat has designated her room for students who are fasting and need rest and a quiet place to reflect in B7 and there is a Friday Prayer service run by Mr Ahmed.

To show empathy and understanding some of our staff of other faith or no faith have taken on the challenge to fast for one day. Mr R Jones our deputy head fasted for a day last year and shared his experience with a video diary and Mr M Jones fasted for the full 30 days after only being asked to try it for one day. The hardest part he said in assembly was not drinking coffee which he found was addictive but he was able to take control over it after fasting. This year he is also attempting to do the same.

A global Ramadan awareness initiative co- founded by Mr Ahmed called ‘#ShareRamadan’ has been in school filming a documentary on Mr M Jones and his experience of fasting and teaching and the video can be viewed below.

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