November 2018 – Anti-Bullying Week

The 12th of November saw the beginning of Anti-Bullying Week at Priestnall School. During the week students participated in a range of activities during lessons and form time that promoted the anti-bullying message ‘Choose Respect.’ Students wrote a ‘Choose Respect’ pledge in form time and completed a SEAL activity which focused on the perceived power that bullies have and how the victim of bullying can take back control. All lessons had an anti-bullying focus and Year 9 students wrote and delivered an anti-bullying assembly. During the week, the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors ran drop-ins at lunchtimes for students to report any bullying issues. During this week thought provoking and reflective work was created by students. Below is an example of work created by students in Miss Condron’s English lessons.

Choose Respect - Anti-Bullying Week

Below are examples of work created by students in Miss Condron’s English lessons and in French lessons.

Anti-Bullying Week

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