Security Fencing

Dear Parents/Carers,

Security Fencing

The school will be embarking on a project to increase the security and safety of our students, staff and visitors by completing a 2.4m fence from the rear of the Study Centre across the Recreation Centre car park. Work is scheduled to commence on the 11th February and continue for 4 weeks. Inevitably there will be an increase in the number of deliveries to school and we have taken care to request that these happen outside of the times the students and staff arrive and leave school. This should have minimal impact on the daily workings of the school as the work is all at the front of school, away from the majority of the classrooms.

We will be talking to the students during the assemblies leading up to the start of the construction, the Lates Desk for students arriving between 08:50 and 09:15 will be temporarily located at the entrance to Science off the Science car park at the other end of the school. Cars bringing our students with mobility disabilities will continue to be able to access the car park at the Recreation Centre to deliver and pick up students, however, we ask that you take additional care during the project.
We would like to thank both yourselves and the students for their co-operation during the construction.
Yours faithfully

Mr J Cregg

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