School Exams, Summer 2019 Timetable

The timetable below shows the ‘formal’ school exams for Summer 2019: these exams will take place under full exam conditions in the Sports hall – in order to get students used to the procedures and protocols required as well as providing attainment information.

Other subjects will be holding their own assessments, but these will be classroom-based and notified via Show My Homework.

Session Period Mon 17th June (A) Tue 18th June (A) Weds 19th June (A) Thu 20th June (A) Fri 21st June (A) Mon 24th June (B)
1 1 Y10 BUSINESS STUDIES & COMPUTER SCIENCE (tbc) GCSE Catering & Hospitality (on-screen) Y9 MATHS [Paper 1]        (75 mins) Y10 HISTORY (1 hr  15 ) Y10 MATHS [Paper 2]    (90 mins) Y10 FRENCH [Listening] (90 mins)
2 3 Y7 Science (75 mins) Y8 MATHS   (75 mins) Y10 ENGLISH [Reading]  (1hr) Y8 SCIENCE (75 mins) Y10 GEOG-RAPHY            (1 hr) Y10 FRENCH [Writing] (70/80 mins)
3 pm reg Y10 SCIENCE [Combined & Separate: Biology] (70/105 mins)-  early lunch Y10 MATHS  [Paper 1]    (90 mins)     early lunch Y10 SCIENCE [Combined & Separate Chemistry] (70/105 mins) –  early lunch Y10 SCIENCE [Combined & Sep: Physics] (70/105 mins) –  early lunch Y7 MATHS (75 mins) Y9 MATHS [Paper 2]            (75 mins)     early lunch
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