Scholastic Reading Pro

Dear students and parents/carers

We have been lucky enough to secure a free reading resource from Scholastic Books for while the schools are closed.  This resource is available for all Y7  – Y10 students.

SCHOLASTIC READING PRO’ is an online reading programme that encourages students to read for pleasure from a range of books suggested specifically for them.  The programme assesses each student’s individual reading range, recommends books to read within that reading range and allows students to take a quiz after the book is read to celebrate understanding.  The service also includes a range of free ebooks that can be read on any device.

Log on instructions

  1. Firstly, students log on through the link This is the school’s unique URL.
  2. Student username is the same as their Priestnall login (student’s Date of Birth plus initials e.g. 200806TG)
  3. Password is Welcome1
  4. After accessing the site, choose the option ‘READING PRO’, not ‘Reading Pro Library’
  5. This will lead to a tutorial before taking an initial quiz which will allow the programme to determine a reading Lexile range for each individual student. This then helps the programme recommend texts that are relevant and appropriate for student’s reading level.
  6. Once the lexile range is determined students can then search for books that they are interested in within that range; any genre or even nonfiction texts.
  7. Students can also search through the ‘Scholastic eBook Collections’ for free online books.
  8. After students have read a book (including any ebook), they can take a quiz that shows how well they have understood the text. Each successfully passed quiz accrues points and raises their achievement level.  Most books will have quizzes available.
  9. Students can even take a quiz on books already read!

It must be repeated that this is a free service that will be available ONLY while the school is closed.  We hope it will encourage students to read more frequently whilst at home and to read texts that have a significant challenge to enable reading growth.

Yours faithfully

Mrs R Mekonnen

Literacy Co-ordinator;

For more tips on encouraging reading please read: SUPPORTING READING AT HOME

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