Leavers’ Hoodies

Dear Parent/Carer

As you will be aware your child is in their last year at Priestnall. Leaving secondary school is often a landmark in a student’s educational life and it is nice to remember this significant moment in a positive way. This year at Priestnall, we have liaised with a high quality clothing company to provide students with “leavers’ hoodies”. The design of these hoodies is similar to the pictures below.


Priestnall Hoodie
The Priestnall logo will be placed on the front left hand side of the hoodie and the year 20 will be placed on the back, along with the word ‘leavers’. Students can personalise their hoodie by changing the colour, style and size. They will also be able to add a nickname to their hoodie if they choose to do so, at the additional cost of £4.00


We have decided this year to open an online shop with the company. This makes the ordering process much easier and more secure for both parties as no cash needs to be brought into school.

We have negotiated an excellent price of £20.50 for a hoody and £22.50 for a zippy, which includes delivery to the school. The online shop will close on the 24/05/20 so all orders must be placed before then in order for the printing process to take place. Once all orders are in, the school’s full order can be processed, the hoodies delivered to school and then the hoodies will be ready to distribute during the Year 11 Leavers Celebration Event (to be held in June). Whilst students will not be able to wear the hoodies until they leave (they will not become part of school uniform) it is something they have requested that would appeal to them as they move on from their lives at Priestnall.

Please see below for the link to the Leavers’ Hoodies Online Shop where you can place your order.


Yours faithfully

Mrs H Fern

SLC Ryland’s College

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