Knife crime awareness session – Year 11

Knife crime awareness session – Year 11

Dear Parents and Carers

On the Edge – Knife Crime awareness sessions

Year 11 will be attending a Knife Crime awareness session on either Monday 31st January or Wednesday 2nd February for one hour.  The students will attend as a form, so that students can follow up in LC time after having received exactly the same age-appropriate experience.  The aim of the knife crime session is to raise awareness of the statistics of knife crime, support students in understanding the law surrounding carrying, using or even being aware that someone has a knife and intends to use it.  The sessions are delivered by trained staff from the Youth Offending Service.  The Police service are represented, and we hope to have a surgeon from a Manchester hospital.  The sessions are, as I state, age appropriate, but are also hard hitting.  The team who deliver, have worked in some local primary settings but the sessions are still relevant to students who have attended before.

Unfortunately, the issue of knives in the community both nationally and locally is one of concern.  Education and awareness is a key tool to support our young people make the correct life choices.  This is a session we have run before, and are part of a two year programme to ensure all students in the school receive the experience.  If you or your family have been affected by knife crime and feel your son or daughter may be affected by the session then please contact and discuss this with your Director of College. 

Yours faithfully,

Mr Kneen
Assistant Headteacher