Year 7 Groups

Year 7 Groups

Dear Year 7 Parent/Carer,

After careful consideration and review of the current Year 7 groups, we are now in a position to make some changes as originally intended and communicated at the start of the Academic Year. The new groups will provide educational, social and emotional benefits for the students and prepare them well for Year 8 when they will be in different groups for their lessons. We have thought very carefully about the make up of the groups that will continue to be mixed ability but are designed to improve the group dynamics and allow the students to meet and work with different students beyond their Learning Coordinator groups. We have much more information and knowledge of the students than we did in September and we believe new groupings will be a positive way forward.  Teaching staff will collaborate over the next half term to ensure a smooth handover and vulnerable students will be supported through this process. The changes will start after the Easter holidays. If you have any concerns please contact your Director of Studies in the first instance.

Kind regards,

Mr Stirling

Assistant Headteacher – Curriculum