Personal Development

Personal Development

Dear Parent/Carer, You may be aware that our Beliefs and Values department has rebranded as the Personal Development department this year. As part of our continued desire to support both you and your child as much as possible, we were hoping you would be willing to spend a few minutes completing a short survey looking at what you and your child feel about some of the topics we cover, and what you feel is important for us to address moving forward. There are specific questions about our Sex Relationship policy and the new sex and relationships curriculum. Both these documents are attached. You can also watch a Podcast on talking to your child about Relationships and Sex education which is on the school website.

I have enclosed a link to the survey below and will look forward to reading your thoughts and ideas. The survey is anonymous, but if you would like to talk further, I would be happy to arrange the opportunity for further conversation. Please feel free to contact me via email.

Thank you, in anticipation of your contribution.

Kind regards

Martin Jones
Curriculum Lead – Personal Development Department