Dear Parents and Carers

Today I have been made aware of a situation where a lone student was followed by a car for a prolonged period of time at low speed.  The male occupant asked them directions, then how old they were and then if they would get in the car.  This has been reported to the Police yesterday by the family.  I felt you needed to be made aware of this.  Below is the email I have sent out to teachers to read to students during p5.

Dear Teachers

Please discuss safety and walking to and from school with your group period 5 today

A student was followed by a car last night on the way home in the area close to school .  They are not physically hurt, but the person in the car did talk to them through the window trying to get them to talk and get in the car. 

When walking home or to school in the morning it is always best to ensure that you are not alone.  Walk with a friend or small group and be aware of your surroundings.  If you feel uncomfortable walking through a short cut then take the long way around.  Try to stay in public view, and pick a route you know well.  Do not talk to people who you do not know, never get into a stranger’s car.

When walking along try to be aware of your environment.  If you have a phone do not be afraid to phone 999 if you feel threatened or in danger.

The majority of the time it is completely safe to be in the local area.  Follow the simple guidelines above and be aware of your surroundings and you can make it even safer.  It is nobody’s fault if they are approached by someone, but we can do things to protect ourselves.


Rob Jones