Priestnall School defines bullying as:

‘The wilful, conscious desire to threaten, intimidate or hurt someone, which may be repeated overtime, which involves a real or perceived power imbalance.’

We believe that:·

  • All bullying is unacceptable irrespective of how it happens and/or what excuses are given in an attempt to justify it.
  • We must investigate all incidents of bullying and take action where necessary, supporting both the bully and the victim at all times.
  • Children who bully must be held to account for their wrongdoing, but may need support to change their attitudes and behaviour.
  • All inappropriate language that perpetuates attitudes underpinning bullying behaviour must be challenged at all times.
  • Everyone in our school has a responsibility to respond promptly and effectively to all instances of bullying.
  • We must communicate with parents/carers regarding any concerns about bullying and deal promptly with complaints.
  • All our children must feel safe and be confident that any reported incidents will be dealt with effectively by all responsible adults.
  • It is important to focus upon preventing bullying behaviours in school.

Priestnall School Says No to Bullying

Bullying UKChild Line 0800 1111Kidscape

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