The College System

Each College is named after a landmark of significance: Urbis (Museum); Rylands’ (Library); Victoria (Baths); Imperial (War Museum); Bridgewater (Hall). The students had a voice in identifying the names and together we came up with ageless and timeless icons.

Each College has a Director of Studies, a zone of the school, A College manager and a College Assistant. A key reason for introducing the College format was to improve the community ethos and spirit of the school, promoting active citizenship and increased support for learning amongst our young people. In securing identity for the new colleges, together, with the young people, we have chosen ‘colours’ to link to colleges. Our ties and badges reflect the College that your child belongs to.

College System Pantagon
This structure is designed to further individualise levels of welfare and academic guidance. Each College contains all five year groups organised horizontally. The introduction of the college system has improved communications between school and home, and enabled parents/carers and teachers to liaise more closely and efficiently.

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