Imperial College

Imperial College Team

Director of Studies: Mr B Delaney
Senior Leadership Link: Ms J Evans
Senior Learning Co-ordinator: Mrs Wells – Monday – Wednesaday / Mrs Hulley – Thursday, Friday)

Learning Co-ordinators / Groups:

7I1 – Miss Lewis (Mon, Tue, Thurs, Fri) Ms Condron (Wed)
7I2 – Mrs Crome (Mon) Mr Tavender (Tue, Wed, Thurs, Fri)
8I1 – Mr Derbyshire
8I2 – Mr Sellers
9I1 – Mrs Rackham
9I2 – Mr Bland
10I1 – Mrs Crome (Tue, Wed) Mr Chiltern (Mon, Thurs, Fri)
10I2 – Mrs Jones
11I1 – Mr Cowen
11I2 – Mrs Duncan (Tue/Weds/Thurs/Fri) Ms Young (Mon)

College Assistant:
Mrs R Macdonald-Ball

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