Curriculum Committee

The Curriculum and Standards Group meets twice per term.
Some of the areas of responsibility are as follows;

  • Discussing and monitoring school assessment data and performance in external examinations in order to maintain high standards of achievement across pupils of all abilities.
  • Ensuring that any identified areas for curriculum improvement become part of the school’s formal target setting process and feed into the School’s development plan.
  • Monitoring the progress of any actions taken for curriculum improvement throughout the year and discussing the impact of these on pupil progress.
  • Discussing and monitoring the provision for, and progress of, children with particular educational needs.
  • Looking at wider curriculum provision in the school by frequent ly meeting staff and pupils through the Governor Links Programme.
  • Through the Governor Links Programme, developing an understanding of the content of the subject curriculum, the teaching and learning strategies relevant to the subject and the assessment and monitoring of pupil progress. Discussing with the curriculum leader how the work of the relevant department can be supported by the governing body.
  • Monitoring, discussing and receiving feedback on many key issues which relate to the provision of a save and stimulating working environment for pupils and staff, including; safeguarding and e-safety, transit ion issues fr om KS2 to KS3, report i ng t o pa rents, effective homework provision, ext ra-curricular support for the curriculum, continuing professional development opportunities for departments, literacy across the curriculum, behaviour for  learning, assessment for learning and establishing clear channels of communication with parents.

Phil Page. Chair of the Curriculum and Standards Group 2016

The Curriculum Committee consists of:

Philip Page – Chair
Sue Mansfield
Keith Thompson
Mike Young
Paul Govey
Jamie Patton
Ajay Patel
Debbie Smith
John Cregg
Timothy Clarey

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