Y11: CAFÉ MERSEY 10:00 – 12:00

On Results Day, results are collected from LC’s (or someone standing in on their behalf) – there will be a plan of the room on the entrance doors to Café Mersey to help you find where your LC is located.

If you are unable to collect your results in person, please let Mrs Robson know in writing (prior to results day) and name who will be collecting on your behalf. You will need to put your full name, registration group, candidate number and who will be collecting for you. They will need to bring photo ID.

Mrs Robson and teaching staff will be on hand to deal with any result enquiries, Mrs Slack and Ms Evans will be available to help with any college/apprenticeship queries.
Results are issued to students on a Statement of Results which shows all your GCSE grades on one document. Any results not collected will be posted out
Statement of Results are used to take to college for proof of your achievement. These must be kept safe.

If requesting any Enquiry after Results process, please use your statement of entry to complete the forms that can be accessed on the school website.
Official Certificates are issued from the examination boards and are received by school at the beginning of November. We issue these to our leavers in November at a certificate evening (A Celebration of Success), held each year at Stockport Town Hall. You will receive an invite in the post, these will be sent to the address we hold on our school system, so if you have moved could you please let the school know.

Certificates must be checked for accuracy and immediately returned to Mrs Robson if there is a problem.

Certificates are an important document and are only issued once. You will need these for most of your life, especially when applying for University or jobs. If you lose them you have to contact the exam boards and they will charge you for a Statement of Results – they will not issue another certificate. They charge for this service.

Enquiries After Results If you believe that there has been a genuine mistake in the marking of one of your examinations, you can apply to the exam board for:

A clerical check – this makes sure that all figures have been recorded and added correctly

A review of marking – this includes a clerical check, a second examiner will review the paper to ensure that the mark scheme has been applied correctly and to identify genuine marking errors or unreasonable marking. Please be aware that as long as the original marker has applied the markscheme correctly no adjustment will be made to marks even if the second examiner would have given different marks.

Access to Scripts – you can request a copy of the checked paper, this must be requested at the same time as a clerical check or review.

Edexcel offer free access to their scripts if they have been scanned . Your written permission is required to enable us to access these. PLEASE SIGN
THE FORM THAT WILL BE ENCLOSED WITH YOUR RESULTS AND RETURN TO MRS ROBSON. This will enable informed advise on Reviews of Marking should you want to pursue this

Original Script (AQA and WJEC) – this will not be issued until the end of the Enquiries After Results process
How do you do this:

Use your Statement of Results to see which exam board you need to apply to. A separate form must be completed for each exam board. Forms are available on the school website, from the school office at the start of term, or from Mrs Robson on results day.

If you are applying to more than one exam board and paying by cheque, please issue separate cheques for each exam board. This enables us to return a payment if a request is successful.
Deadline for Enquiries After Results to allow enough time for checking marks; Edexcel subject teachers to access paper (if permission has been given) and look to see if any marks can be gained and processing of applications, we require all student requests to be made by FRIDAY 6 SEPTEMBER.

You may be contacted by the school after this date as teachers will still be analysing results and may notice an exam paper that they would advise you apply for a check.

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