Pay Review Committee 

The Pay Review Committee has been established to set the pay policy for the school and to implement the approved pay policy in respect of the pay of all staff.  The Pay Review Committee also fulfils the functions of the Headteacher’s Performance Review Panel.

Appeals will be heard by a Pay Appeals Committee; members of the Pay Review Committee cannot also serve on a Pay Appeal Committee.

The Headteacher may attend all proceedings of the Pay Review Committee for the purposes of providing information and advice but must withdraw when their own salary is being discussed.

Its responsibilities are:

  • To determine the Pay Policy for the school
  • To advise the Governing Board on current and future pay levels
  • To ratify appropriate salary ranges and starting salaries for Lead Practitioners, and members of the leadership group
  • To ratify annual pay progress for teachers (by 31 October at the latest) as set out in the Pay Policy, taking account of any recommendations made of the Performance Management review statement, in accordance with the approved pay policy.
  • To approve applications to be paid on the Upper Pay Range
  • To approve annual pay progress for the headteacher (by 31 December at the latest), taking account of the recommendation made by the Headteacher’s Performance Review Panel, following the annual review.
  • To determine the application of national inflationary increases as required;
  • To monitor and report to the full Governing Board on the annual pattern of performance pay progression at each level and the correlation between pay progression, quality of teaching and outcomes for pupils.

Pay Appeals Committee
The Governing Board will convene a Pay Appeals Committee to deal with all appeals against pay decisions. The meeting of the Staff Pay Appeals Committee should be minuted.

The Pay Appeals Committee is an ad-hoc committee and shall consist of at least three members of the Governing Board, none of whom shall be employed by the school or be Associate members or be members of the Pay Committee.

The headteacher may attend all proceedings of the Pay Appeals Committee for the purpose of providing information and advice (except where the appeal is in respect of his/her own salary, where s/he will attend for the purposes of making his/her case).

Terms of Reference
To determine formal appeals against pay determinations in accordance with the Appeals Procedure set out in the Pay Policy

Pay review committee attendance is shown here

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