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Leavers’ Hoodies

Dear Parent/Carer

As you will be aware your child is in their last year at Priestnall. Leaving secondary school is often a landmark in a student’s educational life and it is nice to remember this significant moment in a positive way. This year at Priestnall, we have liaised with a high quality clothing company to provide students with “leavers’ hoodies”. The design of these hoodies is similar to the pictures below.


Priestnall Hoodie
The Priestnall logo will be placed on the front left hand side of the hoodie and the year 20 will be placed on the back, along with the word ‘leavers’. Students can personalise their hoodie by changing the colour, style and size. They will also be able to add a nickname to their hoodie if they choose to do so, at the additional cost of £4.00


We have decided this year to open an online shop with the company. This makes the ordering process much easier and more secure for both parties as no cash needs to be brought into school.

We have negotiated an excellent price of £20.50 for a hoody and £22.50 for a zippy, which includes delivery to the school. The online shop will close on the 24/05/20 so all orders must be placed before then in order for the printing process to take place. Once all orders are in, the school’s full order can be processed, the hoodies delivered to school and then the hoodies will be ready to distribute during the Year 11 Leavers Celebration Event (to be held in June). Whilst students will not be able to wear the hoodies until they leave (they will not become part of school uniform) it is something they have requested that would appeal to them as they move on from their lives at Priestnall.

Please see below for the link to the Leavers’ Hoodies Online Shop where you can place your order.

Yours faithfully

Mrs H Fern

SLC Ryland’s College

Scholastic Reading Pro

Dear students and parents/carers

We have been lucky enough to secure a free reading resource from Scholastic Books for while the schools are closed.  This resource is available for all Y7  – Y10 students.

SCHOLASTIC READING PRO’ is an online reading programme that encourages students to read for pleasure from a range of books suggested specifically for them.  The programme assesses each student’s individual reading range, recommends books to read within that reading range and allows students to take a quiz after the book is read to celebrate understanding.  The service also includes a range of free ebooks that can be read on any device.

Log on instructions

  1. Firstly, students log on through the link This is the school’s unique URL.
  2. Student username is the same as their Priestnall login (student’s Date of Birth plus initials e.g. 200806TG)
  3. Password is Welcome1
  4. After accessing the site, choose the option ‘READING PRO’, not ‘Reading Pro Library’
  5. This will lead to a tutorial before taking an initial quiz which will allow the programme to determine a reading Lexile range for each individual student. This then helps the programme recommend texts that are relevant and appropriate for student’s reading level.
  6. Once the lexile range is determined students can then search for books that they are interested in within that range; any genre or even nonfiction texts.
  7. Students can also search through the ‘Scholastic eBook Collections’ for free online books.
  8. After students have read a book (including any ebook), they can take a quiz that shows how well they have understood the text. Each successfully passed quiz accrues points and raises their achievement level.  Most books will have quizzes available.
  9. Students can even take a quiz on books already read!

It must be repeated that this is a free service that will be available ONLY while the school is closed.  We hope it will encourage students to read more frequently whilst at home and to read texts that have a significant challenge to enable reading growth.

Yours faithfully

Mrs R Mekonnen

Literacy Co-ordinator;

Easter Personal Development Portfolio

Dear Parent/Carer,

I hope this email finds you all well. I am writing to let you know about the Priestnall Easter Development Challenge.  It is being offered to all students as an opportunity, so it is voluntary. That said, we believe it contains an array of activities that could really benefit your child over the next two weeks. The challenges are not necessarily academic, rather they are about developing your child in other ways to prepare them for the wider world. Not least, they are geared towards developing empathy and team work skills, and promoting community spirit at this difficult time.

Students can complete as many challenges as they like, maybe just choosing the ones that they fancy. We are confident that they will find something in there they’ll like. They should simply follow the instructions in the booklet and remind them to Tweet us with their challenge completion photos @priestnallsch.  We can’t wait to see them.

Should you have any questions regarding the Easter project, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Wishing you and your families a wonderful Easter break.

Miss J Halfacre,

Assistant Head Teacher/ Curriculum Leader: History.

Letter March 19th 2020

March 19th 2020

Dear Parents, carers and students,

You will no doubt be aware of the news announced last night regarding school closures from Friday and the decision to cancel GCSE examinations.  I know this will be causing great anxiety for all our families and we will provide more detailed information to you as soon as we receive this.

School will be open tomorrow (Friday 20th March 2020) for Year 10 only as we make plans for the foreseeable future.  We have a significant number of staff absent from school for a number of reasons linked to the Coronavirus and are therefore only in a position to safely open for one year group.  We are prioritising Year 10 as they are half way through the first year of their GCSE courses and have a significant amount of work to collect from school.  We would also like to offer them guidance and support during these very challenging times.  This year group may not return to school until Year 11 and we are concerned that they could potentially miss out on months of their education.   Our Sport Relief non-uniform day planned for Friday 20th March 2020 has been cancelled.

As you are aware, from Monday 23rd March 2020, we are able to offer support to families where students are potentially ‘vulnerable’ or where you as parents/carers are regarded as ‘key workers’ i.e. NHS staff, parents who work for the emergency services or are involved in other key aspects of work for example making deliveries of key supplies.  An exact list will be published by the government later today. It would be most helpful if you could email us at if you believe your son/daughter will require supervision from Monday 23.03.2020.  Please include your child’s name, year group and your job role in the email.  We would appreciate a reply no later than 11am on Friday 20th March 2020.  This will help with our planning as we outline plans for the supervision of students in school and for providing work for students at home.

We have held assemblies with Year 11 this afternoon to thank them for their hard work and dedication to preparing for their GCSE exams that were due to start in a few weeks’ time.  The government has made the decision to cancel these exams.  We reassured students that this isn’t the end and we look forward to welcoming them back to Priestnall School in the very near future to say a ‘proper goodbye’, whether that’s through a Prom or Leavers’ event.   We are really sad to see them leave.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further support or guidance with your child over the next few months.

I have been overwhelmed by the amount of support and kind words parents have sent into school; it has been very much appreciated.

I wish you and your family best wishes and good health for the future and look forward to seeing you soon.

Kind regards,

Craig Burns


Key Stage 4 Options Evening

Dear Parent/Carer,

We would like to invite you to our Key Stage 4 Options Evening to be held on: Thursday 12th March 2020 from 6pm to 8pm.

During this evening you will have an opportunity to hear about the arrangements for the curriculum in Years 10 & 11 and be able to talk to teachers directly about the course requirements for particular subjects.

As you will appreciate from the information that you receive on the evening and via the Options booklet, our Key Stage 4 curriculum is based firmly around a commitment to maintaining a broad, balanced and appropriate learning pathway for all of our students. This includes enabling our learners to secure the “Gold Standard” English Baccalaureate (EBacc) where appropriate.   During Options Evening we ask that Parents/Carers and students assemble at 6pm in the following locations for a Presentation by a member of the School’s Senior Leadership Team:

Bridgewater (9B1/9B2), Imperial (9I1/9I2) in the Main Hall.

[Please enter via the School Reception Entrance]

 Rylands (9R1/9R2), Urbis (9U1/9U2) and Victoria (9V1/9V2) in Café Mersey.

[Please enter via the Recreation Centre Car Park Entrance]

We hope that you will be able to attend this event with your son/daughter and discuss options choices with them, and with us, so that appropriate decisions are made together.

An electronic version of the Options Booklet is available via the school’s website and Learning platform; this provides information about the subjects in Years 10 &11.  A hard copy of this will be issued on the evening with the most recent Interim Report.

It is never too early to start thinking about opportunities post-16 and to help explore these, representatives from local sixth form colleges will be in the school library.

From experience we know parents find the Options Evening extremely useful and we look forward to meeting you. Please contact Mr Stirling, Assistant Headteacher, if you would like further information.

Yours faithfully

Mr C Burns

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