Questions about the school day

How long Is each lesson?
Lessons are 1 hour long

How many lessons do you have a day?
There are 5 lessons everyday

When does the school day start and end?
You register with your Learning coordinator at 8.50am (so ideally you should be on school site by 8.45am everyday)

What Is the Learning Coordinator time for In the morning and afternoon?
This is when you meet as a college LC group and register with your Learning Coordinator. You will also do other things in this time like:

a) You will have assemblies in the afternoon registration time, once a week
b) You will have SEAL (Social Emotional Aspects of Learning) you probably did this in Primary School too.
c) You will once a week read for 20 minutes in your afternoon registration. We call this DEAR(Drop Everything And Read)

What happens If I am late to school?
Punctuality is really important. We expect you to be on time every day. If you are late on purpose your parents or carers are contacted. You will also get a detention from your Learning Coordinator and if occurs a lot you may be put on late report.

What happens If I am late because of an appointment with a dentist or doctor?
You will not be in trouble if you had a reason to be late for school. Bring a note from your parent for your Learning Coordinator.

What time Is break & lunch?
Break time is 15 minutes (10.55-11.10am). Lunchtime is 1.10pm -1.50pm with a variety of food.

What are the rules at playtime/break time? Can you stay Inside?
You are allowed in the cafes and also around the playgrounds and AstroTurf. The school library is also open but you are not all owed to eat in there. It is also a good time to fill up your water bottles using the school water fountains. You are not allowed to wander the school corridors completely. There will be some staff on duty to tell you where you can and can’t go.

What are the school lunches like? What Is on offer?
You can see the menus on the school website on this link

Do you get a different timetable every year?
Yes, each year the lessons might be on different days, but the times and number of the lessons still stay the same.

Will I get confused In a big school?
It will seem very big at first but you will soon learn the layout.

Do the corridors get very busy?
Yes, we encourage people to walk on t he left and you may sometimes walk around the outside of the school under covered walk ways to get to your next lesson.

What happens If I need the toilet during lesson time?
We don’t encourage students to go to t he toilet during lessons, we expect you to use break and dinner times. The teachers will give you a toilet pass should you need to go.

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