Remote Learning Strategy

These Year-group guides aim to highlight the topics and themes that our students should be exploring in their subjects over the two-week timetable period as indicated. They are based on information supplied by the subject leaders for each curriculum area.

They also indicate how learning will be steered. This will be via a blended approach utilising three key on-line platforms. It is our ambition that all students will have the opportunity for some interactive contact with most of their class teachers at some stage over the fortnight. This may be in the form of a Microsoft Teams ‘lesson’, ‘tutorial’ or Q&A session – or via e-mail and/or a telephone call. This interaction will accompany other streams such as pre-recorded ‘lesson’ videos on YouTube or Frog and supporting tasks and links via Frog. The exact blend of these streams will vary for different year groups, subjects and over time

When interactive Teams sessions are scheduled, they will take place during what would be a normally-timetabled lesson for that class in that subject: this is to ensure that there are no clashes between different classes in other year groups. These sessions will be promoted in advance via the students’ school email accounts and via Frog.

As we feel that this approach is more structured than previously, It would be extremely useful for students to get into the habit of starting their ‘working week’ by logging into Frog and their school e-mails on Monday morning to check what’s scheduled. To then check in each morning would also be useful: a ‘virtual’ return to school timings perhaps!

In addition to the support of learning, we feel that it is also crucial that students continue to feel part of the wider school community. To this end, College ‘assemblies’ and, for some, LC group activities will also take place on-line during the two-week cycle: these may be live or recorded and sufficient notice will be provided to the students via the normal channels.

Should you have any concerns regarding these approaches, please contact the class teacher in the first instance: their e-mail address will be found from e-mails they have sent the students.

(Please note that these documents are guides to the proposed activities and may be adjusted – with notification- in light of student progress and potentially, external factors.)

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