Resources Committee

The Resources Committee meets twice a term.

Its responsibilities are:

  • Fulfil financial management responsibilities of the Governing Body in accordance with its remit and delegated responsibility.
  • Ensure the Governing Body is kept fully informed about the financial issues and any action or decisions taken.
  • Provide summary reports for the Governing Body on all matters within its remit.
  • Draw up budget for approval by the Governing Body (unless delegated).
  • Comply with the ‘School Financial Value Standard’ requirements.
  • Explore different expenditure options and bids where necessary.
  • Forecast likely future pupil numbers on role and income levels.
  • Monitor budget income and expenditure.
  • Ensure accounts are properly finalised.
  • Review final outturn.
  • Evaluate effectiveness of decisions.
  • Administer the school’s voluntary funds.
  • Agreeing revised staffing structures.
  • Monitoring staffing issues and vacancies.
  • Agreeing human resources policies.
  • Overseeing implementation of pay committee decisions.

Detail of Resources Committee Attendance is shown here

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