Resources Committee (Finance, Premises & Staffing combined)

  • To ensure that the school meets the statutory requirements to publish online information
  • Review policies on a regular basis and ensure staff are aware of the policies
  • To approve the budget plan (if this has been delegated to the committee) and monitor variations to the original budget (ensuring governors are provided with up-to-date financial information)
  • To discuss the budget in accordance with school priorities (in line with SDP/SIP) and the longer term priorities of the school
  • To regularly monitor pupil numbers to assess the impact on future delegated budgets
  • To ensure that financial deadlines are met (i.e. approval of budget plan)
  • To undertake an annual review of all expenditure with a view  to  achieving ‘ Best Value’ with regard to the delegate d budget and to ensure that the school’s financial performance is in line with the budget and to approve a Statement of Internal Control annually
  • To undertake an annual review of all sources of income to ensure fees and charges remain appropriate
  • To discuss options available to the school prior to the approval of continuation/cessation of contracts including LA Buy Back agreements
  • To recommend the level of delegation afforded to the Headteacher, Chairperson and Resources committee
  • To ensure that there is an annual audit of the school fund and to monitor the expenditure of school funds
  • To ensure Business Interest Forms have been signed and dated by all governors (staff should be reminded to advise the Head of any business interest and any interest should be noted)
  • To review the staffing structure/pay whenever a vacancy arises and review procedures for recruitment and selection ensuring that procedures are in place for managing staff levels (including re-deployment, early retirement, redundancy)
  • To ensure that the principles of safer recruitment are adhered to
  • To re view the salaries of main scale teachers annually, and make recommendations
  • To make recommendations relating to the award of discretionary payments for temporary additional responsibility for the approval of the governing board
  • To ensure that the budget set reflects salary increases through meeting objectives from the performance management process
  • To ensure any budget carry-overs are accounted for in terms of projected expenditure
  • To ensure CPD (Continuous Professional Development) remains a focus for staff training
  • To monitor the condition of the school premises and consider options for building improvements (review Asset Management Plan)
  • To undertake an annual safety check of the school premises
  • To approve applications for the use of school premises
  • To ensure that the governors’ responsibilities regarding litter are discharged under the Environmental Protection Act 1990
  • To ensure that the school complies with health & safety regulations and ensure risk assessments are carried out regularly and the asbestos action plan is reviewed (if applicable)
  • To review insurance arrangements
  • To encourage governors to attend training to enable them to carry out their duties effectively
  • To ensure that the school is properly accountable for the financial aspects of its performance (i.e. it deploys resources in line with priorities, achieves planned levels of financial performance, avoids incurring financial loss and waste, receives favourable  assessments from internal audit and Ofsted)
  • Appropriate induction of new governors to ensure they have an understanding of their statutory responsibilities
  • To ensure meetings are conducted in an open manner, enabling governors to contribute to the discussions
  • To complete a self-evaluation of financial management competencies (for FMSiS)
  • To ensure that all teaching staff & support staff are valued and receive proper recognition for their work and contribution to the school life
  • Any other matters as directed by the governing board


Mike Young (Chair), Colin Foster (Vice-Chair), Headteacher, David Smith, Marj Joule, Susan Mansfield, Les Jones Gareth Morewood, Keith Ward, Hazel Fern, Jamie Patton, Rob Jones, Lucy Crompton, Adam Morrison, Dawn Cameron

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