This section of the website supports parents and students ensuring a successful journey from primary to secondary. We have put together all the information you will need to get started.

Parent/Carers Information

Transition Frog Page

Home Projects

Home projects 2

Home projects 3

Year 6 summer 2020

Key Letters

School Policies

School policies are available here

Important dates

Term dates are available here


Questions about the school day
Questions about lessons
Questions about the school and college system
Questions about teachers
Questions about before school, dinner time and after school
Questions about opportunities and events outside of lessons
Questions about how to make sure you are prepared for arriving in Year 7

School Trips

Find out more about school trips here

The College System

Find out about our college system here

Students Information

Year 7 Planners

Every student is issued with a planner. You can view parts of the planner by clicking on the links below.

Year 7 Transition Kahoot Challenge

Hi everyone. This challenge is designed to help your learn about and get familiar with Priestnall School and how things work from the College system, timings of the day, names of your DOS/SLC and everything in between. When you have studied the school website and the transition page, test your knowledge by playing the Year 7 Transition Kahoot Challenge.


Details about catering can be found here

Glossary and Phrases

A list of phrases used at Priestnall can be found here

School Uniform

Details regarding the school uniform can be found here

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